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  • The Whippersnappers have moved to @Beam!

    If you have been away for a while, you probably don’t know – g33z3r_hd has moved his community from Twitch to Beam.

    While this started as an experiment, it quickly became clear that this was the new home.

    Our community has been welcomed with open arms by the Beam community! The FTL (Faster Than Light) technology that Beam uses makes interaction between g33z3r_hd and chat instant and amazing!

    While we are still trying to figure things out, we have made our corner on Beam a little bit more personalized and “ours” as we once did on Twitch.

    This move comes as the Twitch stream was starting to become stagnant. Growth was slow if existent at all on the overcrowded platform. We hold no animosity towards Twitch as a company, Twitch streamers, or Twitch viewers; on the contrary, we hold them in high regard. Without Twitch, the Whippersnapper community would have never grown and become what it is today. Without Twitch, we would not have had the opportunity to meet some VERY amazing people and have some VERY amazing experiences.

    So, if you haven’t done so already, head over to and hit that follow button! We are working on making the Whippersnapper community the BEST community on all of Beam!

    I will see you there Whippersnappers! g33Heart

  • Update – Where you been?

    g33z3r, where have you been?

    I am getting asked this a lot lately, and, to be honest, I just haven’t been here.

    With the decline in the channel, I decided to put streaming on the back burner and not stress myself out worrying about it.  Honestly, even though I haven’t been streaming much, I have been thinking about it a LOT and what I can do to provide unique and entertaining content.  I want each and every viewer to have fun in our community and I want that for myself as well.  I know that, if I am not having fun…nobody is!  So, that is where my mind is at.

    On top of the declining stream numbers, I have just had a lot going on in my life.  I am trying really hard to get myself straightened away and get myself to a point where I am happy…it is a VERY hard task.  I have been focusing on spending more time with friends IRL and just trying to get out of the house more often (Pokemon GO has helped a lot but I am starting to get tired of it tbh).  I plan to focus more on my health (I have actually been taking my bp medication again) as well.  That is almost as hard for me…shit, I just realized I forgot to take my pills this morning o.O

    Anyhow, I am going to make a full return at some point…when the time is right.  In the meantime, I will stream occasionally when I get the overwhelming urge to do so.  If you have ideas for a unique and entertaining stream, I would love to hear them!  Please let me know!

    I will be live TONIGHT starting around 7pm Eastern time.  See you there!



  • Nodecraft now sponsors the g33z3r_hd community!

    I am proud to announce that Nodecraft Hosting, a premium provider of high quality gaming servers, is now sponsoring our community!

    Through this partnership, Nodecraft has provided us with a server that we, as a community, can enjoy playing various Minecraft versions and modes together.  In addition, this server can be used for collaborations between myself and other Twitch and YouTube content creators to provide further entertainment.

    Since the demise of our last hosting service, I have been researching potential gaming server providers that can meet my high expectations of quality of service as well as helpful and responsive support.  After using Nodecraft hosting for quite some time, I decided to begin discussions regarding partnering with them.  As of Monday, January 18th, 2016, we have officially partnered with Nodecraft.

    As a part of this partnership, members of the g33z3r_hd community can receive 15% off of their first month of service with Nodecraft Hosting by using the discount code g33z3r_hd or by clicking on the following link:

    In addition to the provided server, I also have a personal server through Nodecraft that I pay full price for.  This server is used as our community MC server that is currently running FTB Infinity Evolved v2.1.3 in expert mode that several members of the community have enjoyed playing on, building and creating amazing things!  All VIP members of the community (GameWisp Subscribers and Patreon Supporters) are welcome to join this server and play along.

    I highly recommend the services of Nodecraft Hosting and stand behind them 100%!  Let’s show Nodecraft how much we love them and make them feel welcome to the g33z3r_hd community!  I look forward to a long, and amazing, relationship with Nodecraft Hosting!




  • #vaping – PopDeez by Steep Vapors

    Do you like popcorn?  If you do, ermehger!

    So, today, I was out doing work type things and ended up dropping my Snow Wolf 200W with my Kanger Subtank Plus on the ground…freshly filled with succulent Jazzy Boba.  That SUCKED!  So, I headed off to my local vape shop to get another tank…because I was all together too impatient and #lazy to wait until I got home to just replace the glass.  SO after taking care of the not having a vape in a while, we started talking juice…as I am sure EVERY visit to the vape shop ends up on for everyone that vapes.

    After talking about what I was looking for and what I was tired of, I decided to give PopDeez by Steep Vapor a taste.

    What they Say:

    Our Pop Deez reminded us so much of the past, we had to do a parody with the packaging.  Inside each box, you will find a 30ml bottle of our awesome caramel popcorn flavor ejuice.  Along with it, you will also find a vape surprise, ranging anywhere from drip tips, tanks, drippers, mods, a Vegas trip and more!  So, #whatsinyourbox?

    I couldn’t find any information on the PG/VG content for Pop Deez

    What I Say

    When I first tried this juice, I fully expected to taste Cracker Jacks (the flavor they are eluding to in the description without saying…and based on their packaging), I didn’t.  What I DID get was awesome non-the-less.  The popcorn along with a light buttery flavor was immense!  I could actually imagine myself having a mouthful of tasty popcorn in my mouth…minus the texture of course!  There is a VERY slight caramel flavor but it is very light, to the point of almost not being there…but that didn’t bother me at all.  It was very pleasant.


    If you like popcorn, I would VERY MUCH recommend you give Pop Deez by Steep Vapors a shot, I think you will enjoy it.  Oh yeah, and the answer to #whatsinyourbox for me?  I got a Steep Vapors sticker that quickly got plastered on the front of my Snow Wolf!




  • #Vaping – New Juice!

    Alright, so I am going to start doing this here.  I am going to start reviewing the vape related things that I pick up or use from time to time.

    Today, I picked up two new flavors of juice; Dream by Charlie’s Chalk Dust and Goon Drips by #Vapegoons.  These are my thoughts…


    Charlie’s Chalk Dust – Dream

    Alright, this juice is something else.  It comes in a black dripper bottle (like all Charlie’s Chalk Dust liquids) and is very well marked.  The bottle label is minimalist but artistically well done.  Being that I am VERY partial to the color black, they score high marks with me on this front.  But, packaging is one thing, how does it taste?

    What THEY Say
    The description of the juice from Charlie’s Chalk Dust is this: A rich vanilla cream with hints of fudge and notes of cinnamon.  It has a 60 VG 40 PG ratio.

    What I Say
    As I sit here and write this, I am vaping on this flavor.  I am using my Joytech Evic VT60 in temp control mode with a Nickel coil at .2 Ohms.  I am firing at 550 degrees Fahrenheit.  With each inhale, I get a light vanilla flavor.  On exhale, the flavors of vanilla and fudge are much more pronounced and the aroma is that of fudge.  Personally, I don’t detect any cinnamon flavor or aroma at any point in the vape.  Upping the temperature to 600 degrees, I can tell that I have gone too high.  At 500 degrees, the vape is MUCH cooler and the flavor is even more pronounced than at 550 degrees.  I still don’t get any cinnamon flavors however.

    The name dream is very fitting for this juice.  The flavor is very subtle and the vape is very smooth, almost like one would think of a dream.  That said, the flavor is a bit muted for my taste and could use a bit of a boost, especially in the cinnamon department.  When I picked up this juice, I was looking for a cinnamon flavor; this juice does not fit that bill.  Regardless, it is a nice flavor.


    #Vapegoons – Goon Drip

    As I said, when I was looking for new flavors today, I was looking for cinnamon.  The guys at my favorite local vape shop recommended that I give Goon Drip a shot.  It comes in a glass dripper bottle with straight forward labeling.  The bottle is clear with a black label with Goon Drip in red, drippy lettering.

    What THEY Say
    The description of the juice from #Vapegoons is this: Take a big scoop of this delicious Golden Graham Cereal.  Perfect for your morning vape.  I couldn’t find any information on the PG/VG content.

    What I Say
    For this juice, I have it in my Kanger Subtank Mini with a .5 Ohm coil.  I have found that I enjoy vaping this juice in power mode at around 50 watts, again on my Joytech Evic VT60.  The first time I vaped this juice, I couldn’t help but smile.  The thought of Golden Graham Cereal was honestly what entered my mind.  On inhale, the flavor is very subtle.  The cinnamon is there but it isn’t overwhelming.  On exhale, that is when the magic happens for me!  Between the flavor and the aroma, I am sucked into the world of Golden Graham Cereal to the point that I want to go and get a big bowl and chow down.  The cinnamon flavor is well defined but not too strong and I can almost taste the crunch of the cereal.

    I absolutely LOVE this juice.  Until now, I have been a juice junkie…going from flavor to flavor with a new favorite every day; that ends with this juice as I have a new daily vape.  Don’t change a thing, it is amazing…GIVE ME MORE!


    So there ya have it.  Goon Drip is the winner in my mind for today!  Coming soon, I should be getting a new mod, the Snow Wolf 200 Watt, and I will give my opinion of that once I have used it for a bit.

    If there is a juice that you would like me to give a shot, let me know or send me a bottle.  I vape at 10mg of nicotine so that is where all my juices are.




  • Oh Crap…Microsoft Bought Minecraft (well, Mojang)

    Yup, I have heard the news because…well…it is old news at this point.  Microsoft bought Mojang.

    What do I think of it?  Well, this is it; we shall see what happens.  There is no sense in stressing out about what could, or could not, happen – what may or may not change.  There is nothing that we can do about the transaction, so we are kind of just along for the ride.  I absolutely hope, and dream, that Microsoft will treat Minecraft with the respect it deserves and pay it the attention that it requires.  The Minecraft community has made the game what it is and, without that community, the game would be nothing.

    Here is the way that I see it, if you must really know.  Microsoft is going to do everything in its power to maintain the level of satisfaction that currently exists within the MC community.  The reason is simple; Minecraft purchased a user database, not a game or company.  There are nearly 50 million registered users of Minecraft ranging the spectrum in age.  Many are within the target demographic that Microsoft goes after for their products while many others are yet to reach that marketing base…but they will reach it soon!

    So, do I think that Microsoft is going to kill Minecraft?  No…well, at least I hope they don’t.  Honestly though, I don’t think they will.  Will things change?  Maybe, maybe not.  The long and short of it is that we will have to wait and see…and keep our fingers and toes crossed that they will do the right thing, as they have publicly said they are going to do!



  • Wait, Amazon Bought Twitch?

    Yeah, I have heard…Amazon bought Twitch.  Well, as of the writing of this post, the deal wasn’t finalized yet but it has been announced.

    What does this mean to everyone on Twitch?  It means good things…I hope.  First, and foremost, Amazon is HUGE!  They have the technology and infrastructure to make Twitch bigger, and of course, better!  More ingest servers for streamers, better connections and, hopefully, a reduction in stream delay.

    When the rumors of Google buying Twitch were flying around several months ago, I was honestly very worried and was starting to plan my next move.  You see, if Google HAD bought Twitch, I would have moved on and found somewhere else to dedicate my efforts.  In my opinion, even UStream would have been better!  But, as we know now, that isn’t the case and I am not going anywhere.

    Amazon has promised to leave Twitch alone to do that which Twitch does best…provide a platform for Streamers to connect with viewers…and I love it!