#Vaping – New Juice!

Alright, so I am going to start doing this here.  I am going to start reviewing the vape related things that I pick up or use from time to time.

Today, I picked up two new flavors of juice; Dream by Charlie’s Chalk Dust and Goon Drips by #Vapegoons.  These are my thoughts…


Charlie’s Chalk Dust – Dream

Alright, this juice is something else.  It comes in a black dripper bottle (like all Charlie’s Chalk Dust liquids) and is very well marked.  The bottle label is minimalist but artistically well done.  Being that I am VERY partial to the color black, they score high marks with me on this front.  But, packaging is one thing, how does it taste?

What THEY Say
The description of the juice from Charlie’s Chalk Dust is this: A rich vanilla cream with hints of fudge and notes of cinnamon.  It has a 60 VG 40 PG ratio.

What I Say
As I sit here and write this, I am vaping on this flavor.  I am using my Joytech Evic VT60 in temp control mode with a Nickel coil at .2 Ohms.  I am firing at 550 degrees Fahrenheit.  With each inhale, I get a light vanilla flavor.  On exhale, the flavors of vanilla and fudge are much more pronounced and the aroma is that of fudge.  Personally, I don’t detect any cinnamon flavor or aroma at any point in the vape.  Upping the temperature to 600 degrees, I can tell that I have gone too high.  At 500 degrees, the vape is MUCH cooler and the flavor is even more pronounced than at 550 degrees.  I still don’t get any cinnamon flavors however.

The name dream is very fitting for this juice.  The flavor is very subtle and the vape is very smooth, almost like one would think of a dream.  That said, the flavor is a bit muted for my taste and could use a bit of a boost, especially in the cinnamon department.  When I picked up this juice, I was looking for a cinnamon flavor; this juice does not fit that bill.  Regardless, it is a nice flavor.


#Vapegoons – Goon Drip

As I said, when I was looking for new flavors today, I was looking for cinnamon.  The guys at my favorite local vape shop recommended that I give Goon Drip a shot.  It comes in a glass dripper bottle with straight forward labeling.  The bottle is clear with a black label with Goon Drip in red, drippy lettering.

What THEY Say
The description of the juice from #Vapegoons is this: Take a big scoop of this delicious Golden Graham Cereal.  Perfect for your morning vape.  I couldn’t find any information on the PG/VG content.

What I Say
For this juice, I have it in my Kanger Subtank Mini with a .5 Ohm coil.  I have found that I enjoy vaping this juice in power mode at around 50 watts, again on my Joytech Evic VT60.  The first time I vaped this juice, I couldn’t help but smile.  The thought of Golden Graham Cereal was honestly what entered my mind.  On inhale, the flavor is very subtle.  The cinnamon is there but it isn’t overwhelming.  On exhale, that is when the magic happens for me!  Between the flavor and the aroma, I am sucked into the world of Golden Graham Cereal to the point that I want to go and get a big bowl and chow down.  The cinnamon flavor is well defined but not too strong and I can almost taste the crunch of the cereal.

I absolutely LOVE this juice.  Until now, I have been a juice junkie…going from flavor to flavor with a new favorite every day; that ends with this juice as I have a new daily vape.  Don’t change a thing, it is amazing…GIVE ME MORE!


So there ya have it.  Goon Drip is the winner in my mind for today!  Coming soon, I should be getting a new mod, the Snow Wolf 200 Watt, and I will give my opinion of that once I have used it for a bit.

If there is a juice that you would like me to give a shot, let me know or send me a bottle.  I vape at 10mg of nicotine so that is where all my juices are.




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