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  • Oh Crap…Microsoft Bought Minecraft (well, Mojang)

    Yup, I have heard the news because…well…it is old news at this point.  Microsoft bought Mojang.

    What do I think of it?  Well, this is it; we shall see what happens.  There is no sense in stressing out about what could, or could not, happen – what may or may not change.  There is nothing that we can do about the transaction, so we are kind of just along for the ride.  I absolutely hope, and dream, that Microsoft will treat Minecraft with the respect it deserves and pay it the attention that it requires.  The Minecraft community has made the game what it is and, without that community, the game would be nothing.

    Here is the way that I see it, if you must really know.  Microsoft is going to do everything in its power to maintain the level of satisfaction that currently exists within the MC community.  The reason is simple; Minecraft purchased a user database, not a game or company.  There are nearly 50 million registered users of Minecraft ranging the spectrum in age.  Many are within the target demographic that Microsoft goes after for their products while many others are yet to reach that marketing base…but they will reach it soon!

    So, do I think that Microsoft is going to kill Minecraft?  No…well, at least I hope they don’t.  Honestly though, I don’t think they will.  Will things change?  Maybe, maybe not.  The long and short of it is that we will have to wait and see…and keep our fingers and toes crossed that they will do the right thing, as they have publicly said they are going to do!



  • Stream-A-Thon This Saturday (03/8/14)

    Join me this coming Saturday (03/08/2014) at 9am US Central time for the kick off my first Stream-A-Thon!

    How long is a Stream-A-Thon you ask?  Easy answer…I have NO idea.  I suspect it will be at LEAST 12 hours but will be shooting for 24…we shall see.  I am going to stream until I can stream no more!

    We will be playing Minecraft (of course) in various incarnations, maybe some PS3 and Xbox 360…we will see what we feel like!  Maybe even play some Flappy Birds or Flying Furry!

    As a bonus, I will have 3 Minecraft account cards to give away randomly throughout the stream…don’t ask when the giveaway is going to be because I am just going to do it when I feel like doing it.  If people continually ask about it, I will delay it even longer…

    So that’s that!  I will see you Saturday at 9am US Central time (GMT -6)


    Cheers for now


    PS – As an aside, due to the Stream-A-Thon, I will not be casting on Friday night as I do normally so that I can get some good old fashioned sleep prior to the event!

  • COD: Ghosts – RELEASED!

    Just over 12 hours ago, COD: Ghosts was officially released here in the US.  Although most already have their copy, mine is awaiting my return home from Florida on the PSN servers.  So, I am anxiously awaiting the moment that I can log onto my PS3 and click the download button!  Here is hoping that the servers aren’t too overwhelmed!

    Watching Twitter and YouTube this morning, I am seeing mixed reviews.  Where some people are simply raving about the game, others are ranting about things like lag in multiplayer.  Being that I mostly play the COD series online, I am hoping that this is either a temporary issue or simply a problem with the person’s internet connection.  I guess that we will see later tonight when I get online for my first match!

    I expect to have a video up tonight with my first match, good or bad, and my initial reactions and comments.  I am also planning on doing a live streaming marathon this weekend, 2x XP weekend, to celebrate this newest addition to the COD family.

    In related news…gaming that is 🙂

    I have been playing around with Minecraft more and more and have come up with a few specific things that I do when I start a new world.  These tasks prepare me for the upcoming adventures and allow me to start my quest for the rare minerals such as diamonds and emeralds.  Many of these routines have been derived from other players’ systems and tactics that I have seen but that I have pretty much made my own.  Either way, I will be working on a series of videos that cover these routines in the near future…although, Ghosts has to take priority right now 🙂

    Have you picked up your copy of Ghosts yet?  If so, what are your first impressions?  What did Activision/Infinity Ward do right?  What did they do wrong?  What do they need to fix right away?  If you haven’t gotten your copy yet…WHY NOT?????

    That is all for now.  I will be working on, and posting, a schedule soon of when to expect new blog posts as well as new videos and live streaming events.  Oh, by the way, I have switched from live streaming on YouTube to live streaming on Twitch.  It’s much better I think!


    Cheers for now



  • Minecraft, I think I get it…

    For years, I have always questioned why anyone would get hooked on Minecraft…now, I think I understand.

    I just realized that I have been playing for the last 3 hours!  Simply trying to figure out how to make different things, searching for materials, and simply exploring.  My goodness that game is addicting!  I believe that I am actually going to have to make a category for Minecraft if I am not careful!

    What cool things have you learned playing Minecraft?

    Cheers for now