Nodecraft now sponsors the g33z3r_hd community!

I am proud to announce that Nodecraft Hosting, a premium provider of high quality gaming servers, is now sponsoring our community!

Through this partnership, Nodecraft has provided us with a server that we, as a community, can enjoy playing various Minecraft versions and modes together.  In addition, this server can be used for collaborations between myself and other Twitch and YouTube content creators to provide further entertainment.

Since the demise of our last hosting service, I have been researching potential gaming server providers that can meet my high expectations of quality of service as well as helpful and responsive support.  After using Nodecraft hosting for quite some time, I decided to begin discussions regarding partnering with them.  As of Monday, January 18th, 2016, we have officially partnered with Nodecraft.

As a part of this partnership, members of the g33z3r_hd community can receive 15% off of their first month of service with Nodecraft Hosting by using the discount code g33z3r_hd or by clicking on the following link:

In addition to the provided server, I also have a personal server through Nodecraft that I pay full price for.  This server is used as our community MC server that is currently running FTB Infinity Evolved v2.1.3 in expert mode that several members of the community have enjoyed playing on, building and creating amazing things!  All VIP members of the community (GameWisp Subscribers and Patreon Supporters) are welcome to join this server and play along.

I highly recommend the services of Nodecraft Hosting and stand behind them 100%!  Let’s show Nodecraft how much we love them and make them feel welcome to the g33z3r_hd community!  I look forward to a long, and amazing, relationship with Nodecraft Hosting!




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