#vaping – PopDeez by Steep Vapors

Do you like popcorn?  If you do, ermehger!

So, today, I was out doing work type things and ended up dropping my Snow Wolf 200W with my Kanger Subtank Plus on the ground…freshly filled with succulent Jazzy Boba.  That SUCKED!  So, I headed off to my local vape shop to get another tank…because I was all together too impatient and #lazy to wait until I got home to just replace the glass.  SO after taking care of the not having a vape in a while, we started talking juice…as I am sure EVERY visit to the vape shop ends up on for everyone that vapes.

After talking about what I was looking for and what I was tired of, I decided to give PopDeez by Steep Vapor a taste.

What they Say:

Our Pop Deez reminded us so much of the past, we had to do a parody with the packaging.  Inside each box, you will find a 30ml bottle of our awesome caramel popcorn flavor ejuice.  Along with it, you will also find a vape surprise, ranging anywhere from drip tips, tanks, drippers, mods, a Vegas trip and more!  So, #whatsinyourbox?

I couldn’t find any information on the PG/VG content for Pop Deez

What I Say

When I first tried this juice, I fully expected to taste Cracker Jacks (the flavor they are eluding to in the description without saying…and based on their packaging), I didn’t.  What I DID get was awesome non-the-less.  The popcorn along with a light buttery flavor was immense!  I could actually imagine myself having a mouthful of tasty popcorn in my mouth…minus the texture of course!  There is a VERY slight caramel flavor but it is very light, to the point of almost not being there…but that didn’t bother me at all.  It was very pleasant.


If you like popcorn, I would VERY MUCH recommend you give Pop Deez by Steep Vapors a shot, I think you will enjoy it.  Oh yeah, and the answer to #whatsinyourbox for me?  I got a Steep Vapors sticker that quickly got plastered on the front of my Snow Wolf!




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