About g33z3r_hd

Gaming since a very young age. g33z3r_hd has grown up (kind of) as a gamer.  His passion for video games consumes him and is ever present in his mind regardless of what he is actually doing…if he isn’t gaming, he is thinking about gaming!  Originally striving to create content for YouTube, he discovered a relatively young medium in Twitch.  From that point forward, the pages of history have been re-written!  The viewer interaction, the amazing community, and the sheer fun of live streaming on Twitch overshadowed everything that YouTube has ever stood for or represented.  Although he still uploads to YouTube from time to time, his primary focus is on live streaming to his overwhelmingly supportive community on Twitch…a small community that is growing larger and larger every day.

The stream has evolved over the years to include more content, both gaming and non-gaming.  Where g33z3r_hd initially focused on gaming content consisting of a majority of modded Minecraft, he has towards other games such as Elite Dangerous and Ring of Elysium while focusing more of his efforts on talk show content.

Currently, you can watch g33z3r_hd every Friday night at 8pm Eastern during the ‘Weeaboo Weekly’ podcast with Shota_con.  This hour long broadcast touches on various topics in the anime world.  While g33z3r_hd isn’t exactly an anime expert, Shota_con is one of the most knowledgeable people he knows on the topic.

Starting Soon(tm), you will be able to catch ‘Paranormally Speaking’ every Saturday night at 8pm Eastern.  The ‘Paranormally Speaking’ podcast focuses on the supernatural as well as conspiracy theories and other related topics.  

Aside from the non-gaming talk show content, g33z3r_hd can be seen streaming gaming and just chatting content other days of the week. The actual schedule is based on his work travel schedule as well as his currently level of sanity and state of tired. He will stream most days starting between 5 and 8pm Eastern time when he can.