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About g33z3r_hd

Gaming since a very young age. g33z3r_hd has grown up (kind of) as a gamer.  His passion for video games consumes him and is ever present in his mind regardless of what he is actually doing…if he isn’t gaming, he is thinking about gaming!  Origionally striving to create content for YouTube, he discovered a relatively young medium in TwitchTV.  From that point forward, the pages of history have been re-written!  The viewer interaction, the amazing community, and the sheer fun of live streaming on Twitch overshadowed everything that YouTube has ever stood for or represented.  Although he still uploads to YouTube from time to time, his primary focus is on live streaming to his overwhelmingly supportive community on TwitchTV…a small community that is growing larger and larger every day.

Him can be found streaming live on Twitch Fridays at 7 PM and Saturday & Sunday starting at 12 PM Eastern with Bonus Casts from time to time Monday through Thursday starting at 7 PM Eastern (watch Twitter for announcement during the day to find out if he will have  a Bonus Cast that night).  Bonus Casts are done based completely on his IRL work schedule…if he isn’t traveling or working, he typically tries to stream.

G33z3r_hd always streams Minecraft content during scheduled streams.  This means that Friday through Sunday will be some type of modded or vanilla Minecraft.  Monday through Thursday, he streams what he feels like playing.  This could be Minecraft, Gauntlet, Call of Duty, Destiny, or even something as boring as FreeCell or Minesweeper (probably not those though).