About g33z3r_hd


I started gaming WAY back in the 70s.  I was able to play things like Pong and other SUPER basic games at my friends’ houses initially but then, my parents bought me an Atari 2600!  Hide and Seek, Pac Man, ET, Pitfall, Mario Bros, and the like were just some of the games I played.  At one point, I think I had so many cartridges, I would constantly get in trouble because they were such a mess!  Fast forward to the Nintendo!  What a blast!  I loved that thing so much, I brought it with me when I was in the Army (when I could)…but then pawned it because I was broke and couldn’t afford to get it back.  Of course, over the years, I have owned a number of consoles…mostly the PlayStations.  The PS 1, PS 2, PS 3, and PS 4.  I never got a PS 5 because, well, I don’t console anymore (#PC Master Race).  I did own ONE XBox…the 360.  I wanted to play a game my nephew had so, I got one.  I think I still have it somewhere (along with a PS 4 and PS 3…and a Nintendo emulator console and Atari 2600 somewhere…yes, I bought one a few years ago but I can’t hook it up to anything lol).

In the late 90s, I got started with PC gaming.  At the time, I spent a LOT of time playing military flight simulators (F-16 Falcon, Euro 2000, and others) as well as games like War Games and Command and Conquer.  Also played things like Doom, Wolfenstein, and the original GTA (best GTA BTW).  I also got hooked on Call of Duty on both console and PC…but in 2013, I found…Minecraft.  Modded Minecraft.  That was my addiction for years and it started my life on Twitch.

In November of 2013, I was trying to start a YouTube channel.  While doing research, I found this young website called Twitch.  It was live, not recorded.  It was cool and I started watching Twitch Minecraft streamers like JessicaRose, JonBams, BaconDonut, Dethcraft, and so many others.  So, that’s what I chose.  Sure, I maintained the YouTube channel but, all these years later, we still have the goal of 300 subs (lol).  The Twitch Minecraft community was amazing!  I made a BUNCH of friends and got to see them at PAX events and, eventually, at several Twitchcon events! 

Eventually, I started to tire of Minecraft.  Not because I didn’t enjoy the game but because the new mods coming out weren’t keeping my interest.  It ended up being the same thing over and over for me because there wasn’t anything new that I liked.  So, I branched out into other games.  Back to the world of shooters!  Call of Duty, Battlefield, H1Z1, PUBG, RoE…although I have always been horrible at shooters, I had so much fun with them…and I still do today!

I also started playing more simulators.  Things like American Truck Simulator, Elite Dangerous, and (eventually) MS Flight Simulator.  That kind of ended it for a while…personal life things happened in 2019 and I stepped away from streaming and, for the most part, gaming.  I still played games and streamed from time to time but, I didn’t put effort into it…and now, we are back.

Spring of 2024 saw the release of Gray Zone Warfare.  As an Escape from Tarkov player (horrible), I got pretty discouraged waiting on EFT to get the PVE version out and was very disappointed when they started their whole drama with supporter tiers and their personal, and stupid, definition of DLC.  GZW jumped in at the perfect time!  I got it on the day it dropped and started streaming it immediately!  This brought back my passion for playing games and for streaming! 

So, now, you will find me streaming whenever I can (see schedule section)…getting destroyed in GZW.  Will I play something else?  Sure, if I find something that I get addicted to again.  Will I keep streaming?  I plan on it but, one thing I have learned is that life comes first…

So, if you see me live, come say hi!  We are rebuilding a community from scratch and I would LOVE to have you be a part of it!


Updated 05/30/2024