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  • I Just Bought a Black Widow Ultimate Chroma…

    Alright, here is what happened.  I have been having problems with my Corsair Vengence K70 keyboards.  Both of them!  So, I decided that I would give the Razer Black Widow Ultimate Chroma a shot.  Yeah, that happened.

    First and foremost, the whole RGB/Chroma thing…yeah, it is pretty and all but not sure I care too much about it.  All I care is that I have illuminated keys so that I can see they keyboard when it is dark.  It is also nice to be able to customize which keys are, and are not, lit…and now what color they actually are.  The different color is the major difference between the Corsair and the Razer keyboards.

    So, here is my first impression.  The two keyboards are WAY different.  Key placement is different, keystroke feel is different, and the keys themselves feel different.  Where the Corsair K70 keys seem to have a “grip” to them, the Black Widow keys seem really slick.  I don’t know how much that is going to have an effect on my typing and gaming, but we shall see.  As I am writing this, I seem to be getting used to the feel of the keys but they still seem strange to me…kind of like sitting at your grand parents house where you aren’t allowed to touch anything…just awkward I guess.  Hopefully, I will get used to the feel with time.

    The biggest difference that is in my mind is the key placement.  The addition of the Macro keys on the left side of the keyboard really is throwing me for a loop right now.  I guess this is to be expected because these keys don’t exist on the K70.  This, I am sure, I will get used to over time…after all, I had to get used to the key placement on the K70 as well…and I did.

    After spending the time to type this all out, I am generally happy with the keyboard.  I am sure, as I play games and type more, I will get a better feel for whether I actually like, love, or hate the keyboard but the odds are that I won’t ever HATE it.  I do wish there was a more “bassy” sound with the key clicks but hey, whatever…that is just nit picky stuff I guess…

    So, we shall see.  If you don’t see some rage filled post in the future, I would venture to guess that I have accepted the keyboard as a permanent piece of my gaming setup.  I am not going to change from the K70 on my work computer yet, but that may be destined if I like this thing…

    I say this…thanks to DethridgeCraft for turning me on to try the Black Widow Ultimate Chroma…and as I said in my tweet, if it fails me #blameDethridge 😀