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  • Oh Crap…Microsoft Bought Minecraft (well, Mojang)

    Yup, I have heard the news because…well…it is old news at this point.  Microsoft bought Mojang.

    What do I think of it?  Well, this is it; we shall see what happens.  There is no sense in stressing out about what could, or could not, happen – what may or may not change.  There is nothing that we can do about the transaction, so we are kind of just along for the ride.  I absolutely hope, and dream, that Microsoft will treat Minecraft with the respect it deserves and pay it the attention that it requires.  The Minecraft community has made the game what it is and, without that community, the game would be nothing.

    Here is the way that I see it, if you must really know.  Microsoft is going to do everything in its power to maintain the level of satisfaction that currently exists within the MC community.  The reason is simple; Minecraft purchased a user database, not a game or company.  There are nearly 50 million registered users of Minecraft ranging the spectrum in age.  Many are within the target demographic that Microsoft goes after for their products while many others are yet to reach that marketing base…but they will reach it soon!

    So, do I think that Microsoft is going to kill Minecraft?  No…well, at least I hope they don’t.  Honestly though, I don’t think they will.  Will things change?  Maybe, maybe not.  The long and short of it is that we will have to wait and see…and keep our fingers and toes crossed that they will do the right thing, as they have publicly said they are going to do!



  • Minecraft, I think I get it…

    For years, I have always questioned why anyone would get hooked on Minecraft…now, I think I understand.

    I just realized that I have been playing for the last 3 hours!  Simply trying to figure out how to make different things, searching for materials, and simply exploring.  My goodness that game is addicting!  I believe that I am actually going to have to make a category for Minecraft if I am not careful!

    What cool things have you learned playing Minecraft?

    Cheers for now


  • Traveling as a Gamer

    So, I travel for work.  Often, I am on the road more than I am home.  Now, fortunately, I am able to be home most weekends with a very rare Saturday or Sunday travel day.

    This often brings up an issue for me…what to do when I am on the road.  Many times, I threaten that I am going to take an extra suitcase for my Playstation but never follow through.  So, today, I got to thinking; how can I game when I am on the road?  Several ideas came to mind.  First, I thought about going to Best Buy and picking up an XBox.  I quickly discounted that because, as many of you already know, I am not really an XBox kind of guy…I also realized that I would have to buy a game (of course, I would buy Black Ops 2) and that just pushes the price outside of what I am willing to spend.  I also thought about picking up another PS3 but quickly discounted that as well for pretty much the same reasons, cost.

    Next, I thought about picking up a PS Vita.  Its portable and designed for travel.  That said, I am not a huge fan of the little tiny screen and they cost just about as much as a full sized console.  I have heard some really good things about them, and have almost picked one up in the past, but I never pull the trigger.  Of course, as with the full sized consoles, I would have to get a game or two along with it.  I have had several portable gaming devices over the years and I have never been impressed.  So, there goes that idea.

    Then it came to me; why not game on my laptop?  Heck, I have one heck of a powerful laptop for work so there probably aren’t many games that I wouldn’t be able to play and play with pretty good quality.  There comes two problems, although they are not deal breakers.  First, I am spoiled when it comes to PC gaming.  My desktop system at home is a MONSTER!  I didn’t design it for gaming but it is definately a beast that could handle the most resource intensive games.  On top of that, I am really used to having multiple screens when I am gaming on my PC.  Not really possible when it comes to gaming on my laptop.  That said, I can hook up to most TVs in hotel rooms provided they have either a VGA or HDMI port on them.  Only the low cost, hole in the wall, hotels have the old fashioned TVs now a days but I do run across them from time to time.

    The biggest problem is, however, what do I play?  Something simple that I am not going to get hooked on and want to play on my laptop when I am home but something that I am going to enjoy playing when I am on the road.  I thought about picking up the PC version of BO2 or GTA V but the fun with those are online.  Add to that I don’t have a controller and poop.  So, I got to thinking about getting back into RPGs like I used to play so many years ago or playing something like Minecraft…which has never made any sense to me what-so-ever.

    So, that is what I am going to do…it is decided.  I am going to start playing Minecraft and strive to understand the draw and popularity of it…maybe I will post a video sometime tonight or tomorrow provided I can figure it out!

    What do you do as a gamer when you travel or when you are away from home?


    Cheers for now