@Gogo is horrible and @Delta doesn’t care…

As many of you know, I travel a LOT for work. While in flight, I have work to do including emails and research. I don’t have time to waste just sitting on the plane or sleeping (yes, I do sleep now and again).

So, I pay nearly 50 dollars a month to Gogo to have internet while I am in flight. It is expensive and the service is horrible.

Recently, on a flight from Phoenix to Atlanta, I was working and trying to communicate with the world. All of a sudden, my emails stopped sending and I couldn’t surf the internet. After a couple of minutes of messing around, I got a web page saying that Gogo was unavailable with a few reasons why it could be not working.


Obviously, this made me upset. So, I looked at some things.

Was I within the coverage area?



Flight Location

Were we above 10,000 feet?

Flight Data


So what was the problem? Who knows. I have gotten the feeling that Gogo doesn’t actually care about the quality of service that they provide. The only thing they seem to care about is the over priced, low quality service that they “provide.”

So, what does Delta have to say? I didn’t talk to anyone about this particular issue but, in the past, I have gotten the response from Delta that they don’t have any control over the internet and that Gogo has complete control over it.

Now, I understand that in flight internet service is something special and might cost a bit more than home or business internet access. That said, our home and business internet service at least provides speeds that are capable of doing more than simply sending emails.

There have been many times that I have not been able to load Twitter because of the images that are include. This is sad. We left the age of dial-up speed internet quite a while ago.

In researching this issue, I have found that Gogo holds a monopoly when it comes to in flight internet. Yes, there are other providers but Gogo has tied the major air carriers into long contracts with no way to get out of them to provide better quality service to their customers.

American Airlines filed a lawsuit against Gogo in 2016 but subsequently dropped the suit because Gogo was working working with them. I haven’t flown on American Airlines in years so I can’t comment as to service provided on that carrier but if it is anything like Delta, it is unacceptable.

So, what is the solutiion? Gogo needs to step up and provide high quality internet services to passengers or step aside and let the airlines move to a provider that actually does provide the quality service that the passengers demand and deserve…especially at such high prices.



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