Traveling as a Gamer

So, I travel for work.  Often, I am on the road more than I am home.  Now, fortunately, I am able to be home most weekends with a very rare Saturday or Sunday travel day.

This often brings up an issue for me…what to do when I am on the road.  Many times, I threaten that I am going to take an extra suitcase for my Playstation but never follow through.  So, today, I got to thinking; how can I game when I am on the road?  Several ideas came to mind.  First, I thought about going to Best Buy and picking up an XBox.  I quickly discounted that because, as many of you already know, I am not really an XBox kind of guy…I also realized that I would have to buy a game (of course, I would buy Black Ops 2) and that just pushes the price outside of what I am willing to spend.  I also thought about picking up another PS3 but quickly discounted that as well for pretty much the same reasons, cost.

Next, I thought about picking up a PS Vita.  Its portable and designed for travel.  That said, I am not a huge fan of the little tiny screen and they cost just about as much as a full sized console.  I have heard some really good things about them, and have almost picked one up in the past, but I never pull the trigger.  Of course, as with the full sized consoles, I would have to get a game or two along with it.  I have had several portable gaming devices over the years and I have never been impressed.  So, there goes that idea.

Then it came to me; why not game on my laptop?  Heck, I have one heck of a powerful laptop for work so there probably aren’t many games that I wouldn’t be able to play and play with pretty good quality.  There comes two problems, although they are not deal breakers.  First, I am spoiled when it comes to PC gaming.  My desktop system at home is a MONSTER!  I didn’t design it for gaming but it is definately a beast that could handle the most resource intensive games.  On top of that, I am really used to having multiple screens when I am gaming on my PC.  Not really possible when it comes to gaming on my laptop.  That said, I can hook up to most TVs in hotel rooms provided they have either a VGA or HDMI port on them.  Only the low cost, hole in the wall, hotels have the old fashioned TVs now a days but I do run across them from time to time.

The biggest problem is, however, what do I play?  Something simple that I am not going to get hooked on and want to play on my laptop when I am home but something that I am going to enjoy playing when I am on the road.  I thought about picking up the PC version of BO2 or GTA V but the fun with those are online.  Add to that I don’t have a controller and poop.  So, I got to thinking about getting back into RPGs like I used to play so many years ago or playing something like Minecraft…which has never made any sense to me what-so-ever.

So, that is what I am going to do…it is decided.  I am going to start playing Minecraft and strive to understand the draw and popularity of it…maybe I will post a video sometime tonight or tomorrow provided I can figure it out!

What do you do as a gamer when you travel or when you are away from home?


Cheers for now