So I bought an Xbox 360

First off, I would like to apologize for this blog entry being late.  I know that it is expected at 6pm Tuesday but I will freely admit, I forgot.  On top of that, I was actually at my sister’s house playing Ghosts with my nephew.

That said, you did read the title correctly, I bought an Xbox 360.  The single reason for this is so that I can play Ghosts with my nephew online.  So, after getting home and setting it up, what do I think?

Honestly, it does what you would expect…play games.  Aside from the drastic difference in the feel of the controller, game play seems to be about the same except for one fatal issue…Xbox Live kind of sucks.  PSN has obviously figured out the P2P hosting in games like Ghosts because I have never once been disconnected from a game or had a game pause because of “migrating hosts.”  On Xbox live tonight, there were quite a few instances where the game was paused for just this reason.  I do not like it Sam I am!

Ghosts, however, was the same experience.  Same crappy spawns.  Same stupid kills.  Same stupid OP weapons and/or weak health.  The fact that I could not change my button layout to swap the triggers and buttons, that kind of sucks.

So, yup, got an Xbox.  My gamer tag on Xbox Live is g33z3r hd (because they wouldn’t let me use an underscore or dash…but a space was ok).  Shoot me an add sometime…we can play Ghosts.


Cheers for now


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