Call of Duty Ghosts: I am getting tired of it, but I am still addicted

Yes, that’s right, I am getting tired of playing Ghosts.

I am tired of the crappy random spawns that result in insta-kills.
I am tired of rabies infected, roided up dogs with bulletproof fur.
I am tired of perma-campers.
I am tired of maps that take 5 minutes to run across.
I am tired of lag.
I am tired of the wannabe hackers.
I am tired of all the BS deaths that come when an enemy shoots me through a mountain.

Yes, to sum it up, I am tired of all the things that Infinity Ward and Activision need to fix.  All that said, I’m still playing.

You see, I have a very addictive personality.  I get into something, I absolutely HAVE to continue doing it.  This is why I have never done drugs, this is why I don’t drink.  I did drink once, I think you could look at the profits of the breweries and distilleries between like 1992 and 1994 and see a marked increase in alcohol sales in Augusta, GA and Mankato, MN…that is how much I drank.  This, my friends, is an example of my addictive personality.

So, because I started playing Call of Duty all those years ago, I have no choice but to continue.  I get to a point that I actually think about COD when I am laying in bed trying to sleep…which, in turn, causes me not to sleep.  I replay matches in my head, I think of ways that I can improve my play (none of which have worked btw).  This all results in me having to play.  Sometimes, that means getting out of bed to satisfy my addiction.  Other times, this means that I am just going to continue to lay there, staring at the ceiling, wide awake until I just can’t keep my eyes open anymore…which is usually about an hour before I have to get up 🙁

At this point, I am hoping that IW and Activision are working on improvements and fixes for some, if not all, of these problems.  If I had to pick only a couple of things that they need to fix the most, I would go with the spawns and fixing weapon/killstreak damage.  Maybe I have led a sheltered life, maybe I am strange, but I have never seen or heard of a dog that has attacked someone and killed them instantly without the ability to fight back.  It’s just crap like that.  I saw a comment somewhere (I think on YouTube) wondering if the next COD was going to have a killer parrot that would fly around and follow you.  Heck, you could earn a uniform that looks like Shipwreck from GI Joe and you would be all set at that point…of course, then you wouldn’t be allowed to kill anyone because death in a GI Joe cartoon was banned (GI Joe is a cartoon, not a movie btw…the movie is NOT GI Joe).

So, yes.  I am getting really tired of Ghosts.  No, I am not going to stop playing.  I will just continue to complain about it until I have something new to complain about…maybe Call of Duty: Lego Edition.


Cheers for now


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