Call of Duty: Ghosts – Improving Your Game

I don’t make it any kind of secret that I really stink at first person shooters.  As a matter of fact, I advertise that fact to the point of annoyance.  So, it would be no wonder to most people that I am forever searching for tips and information on how to get better.

All of the videos or articles that I have ever found focus almost exclusively on in game tactics and tricks and most, if not all, of them have not seemed to help my game at all.  After all of the searching, I have figured out one thing that has helped improve my game and that is how I use and hold the controller!

I have always used large, sweeping, movements when aiming or moving through a map.  I would see an enemy and would slam the right joystick in that direction, often overshooting the target and having to slam it back the other direction.  As a result, I found the higher sensitivity levels very difficult to deal with.  I realized that overshooting the target was my entire problem and I would have to figure out a way to either compensate for this or fix it all together.  Well, the other day I was browsing around on Twitter and I ran across a video by TmarTn.  During that video, he talked about a product called Kontrol Freek.  The premise behind this product is that it extends your joystick, in turn giving you what they call more range of motion.  In reality, however, you aren’t gaining more range of motion, you are gaining more feedback from less input…so basically upping your sensitivity.

So, I watched a few videos about the Kontrol Freek and I noticed something…everyone holds their controller differently than I do.  On top of that, they use their thumbs differently than I do.  So, I adjusted my grip and payed very close attention to how I was actually using the controller.  I slowed myself down, increased the look sensitivity from 5 to 10 and stopped slamming the joysticks.  What I found was an immediate improvement in my game.

Since then, I have had good games and I have had bad games.  Most, however, have been an improvement over my previous games.  I am still not very good, but I can see marked improvements!

The included video is of a Cranked match on Stormfront.  I actually got the final kill cam and ended the game with a positive K/D of 8/5!  This is indicative of how things are going for me lately 😀

So, here you go!  If you are in the same club as me…the I stink at fps club…don’t fret, you can improve provided you know what needs fixing.


Cheers for now


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