Ok, I admit it, I am weak! The story of me and a PS4

You will recall that I spilled my guts last week with the reasons that I was not going to go out and get a PS4 right away. They were all some very good reasons. There was one thing that I didn’t take into account when I wrote that article; I am weak when it comes to techie stuff!

That said, I have to admit, if you don’t already know, that I stood in line for 6 hours Thursday night and ended up leaving Best Buy with a brand new PS4 under my arm. Yes, I am weak.

I will say this, the graphics are amazing! I have run into a few issues so far but for the most part, I am liking the new platform. I will write a detailed review Sunday, after I have spent many many hours playing 🙂

Cheers for now


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