Wait, Amazon Bought Twitch?

Yeah, I have heard…Amazon bought Twitch.  Well, as of the writing of this post, the deal wasn’t finalized yet but it has been announced.

What does this mean to everyone on Twitch?  It means good things…I hope.  First, and foremost, Amazon is HUGE!  They have the technology and infrastructure to make Twitch bigger, and of course, better!  More ingest servers for streamers, better connections and, hopefully, a reduction in stream delay.

When the rumors of Google buying Twitch were flying around several months ago, I was honestly very worried and was starting to plan my next move.  You see, if Google HAD bought Twitch, I would have moved on and found somewhere else to dedicate my efforts.  In my opinion, even UStream would have been better!  But, as we know now, that isn’t the case and I am not going anywhere.

Amazon has promised to leave Twitch alone to do that which Twitch does best…provide a platform for Streamers to connect with viewers…and I love it!



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