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    For me, the entire point of playing games online is to have fun by mixing up things with people…real people that are unpredictable.  Normally, this is quite rewarding.  Not only does it challenge you to play at your best, it affords you the opportunity to learn from the tactics of others thereby improving your gameplay.

    Unfortunately, there is an ever growing segment of gamers that feels that it is completely alright to berate other players and use completely inappropriate language.  In this match I was playing earlier tonight, this could not have been more evident.

     Playing Sticks and Stones on Express in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

    In this particular match, there was a pretty young boy that ended up joining in with the obsenities and inconsiderate talk.  We had been playing with him in several matches prior to this one and, although he was a bit arrogant, he didn’t show any signs of being disrespectful…until the group mentality kicked in.  He even went as far as calling a girl that asked the offending people to not use such language, a troll…which she couldn’t have been farther from than she was!

    I am fully aware that kids will be kids but hey, I just want to play!  What is your opinion on foul mouthed kids during online play?


    Cheers for now