Live Streaming Event Tonight: Black Ops 2

In honor of the pending release of Call of Duty Ghosts, and the final weekend of Black Ops II, I will be hosting a LIVE STREAMING MARATHON starting at 8:00 pm Central (9:00 Pacific for mathematically challenged individuals) and go until I just can’t go no mo!

If you have a PS3 and BO2, come join me, of course you know my tag! Friend me if you haven’t already and we will play and play and play! It will be a blast!

To find the stream, visit my YouTube channel at and click on “videos” right under my gamer tag (see image below).




Next, change the “Uploads” drop down to read “Events” (see below)

uploads  events


You will see a list of all of my past streaming events.  Click on the LIVE event and start to watching!


Hope to see you there!!


Cheers for now