Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

Alright, I haven’t played AC since the first one. I really thought the original was super sow paced with brief moments of excitement. Didn’t like it.

So, I have not played it since…not 2…not 3. However, here we are at AC 4 and I am giving it a go! See, I have a friend that, for some reason, is AC nuts. He and I were talking the other day and, well, I picked it up. Not sure how much play this is going to get between GTA V, BO2, and the impending release of COD Ghosts on Tuesday…we will see how much I like it or if I will be making a shipment to a friend for an early Christmas present…now he is cheering that I hate it lol.

So, I should have some game play footage up later tonight!

Cheers for now